Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jamie Oliver's Australian Kitchen on Pitt Street

After work myself and two girls went to Jamie Oliver's Kitchen for our early Xmas dinner. Days before our dinner we did look up to see if we needed to make a booking. On the site it says no bookings unless you come in a group of more than 6. Since we we're going straight from work we managed to walk there, located at 107 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 (located near Wynyard station) and made it by 4:30ish.

When we first got there we were probably one of the first customers. Inside it feels like your in an episode of Jamie Oliver's Kitchen. It's very industrial, architectural, open and has two levels. From pictures the place looks pretty small but it looks like it would cater for a substantial amount of people.

The service was impeccable as soon as we got there. Our waitress was very lovely, had a pleasant smile and was very attentive. Between the three of us we ordered three mains, two sides and two desserts!

Pictures below:

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