Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chi Chi in Canley Vale

I went here a while ago and was very disappointed with the service, food, price EVERYTHING!

I didn't take any pictures as there was so many things happening all at once and it just wasn't worthy of any.

So our friends had started without us as we we're a bit late, so when we arrived we just ordered some additional meals. The decor in the place is fabulous and it looks like a restaurant in Surry Hills, not Canley Vale.  It was a VERY hot summers day, around 30+ and the whole place is running off a small portable air con which barely does anything. I feel that if your going to open a restaurant in that sort of heat, you need to have air con on. For such a pretty place, which you can tell they put a lot of effort into making look different and unique, couldn't they run air con?

Our waiter was Australian and was helping us order some dishes. He was of no help though, we asked him to recommend us something, but he just said everything was nice and left us with nothing but to choose blindly ourselves.

For the people you are trying to cater in Canley, you either need to have a simple menu, so that when the more traditional elders come in they know what your serving or have waitresses/waiters able to explain it in another language. The customers aren't scared of trying something different, but you have to be able to explain it well and make it sound enticing.

I do applaud them in having the guts to open a restaurant like this in a Vietnamese Community. The menu is very different from what you get to the traditional Vietnamese Restaurant, but I felt like it was too different that I didn't even know what dish had what in it, or what they were trying to portray.

We had many miscommunications with our waiter due to the fact that he wouldn't listen to our orders/ directions when told something, and when he was incorrect and came out with the wrong dishes, he would try and say it was our fault as one person said this and the other said that. You must not ever tell customers that it is THEIR fault for getting a order wrong, fair enough maybe if there was ONE miscommunication but on this occasion there was probably 4 occasions where there was a wrong order.  I felt like the waiter had a big ego and didn't want to ever accept that he was in the wrong. The tone he was speaking in wasn't helping either. Due to this my partner had gotten very frustrated, impatient and angry that he simply had to walk out for a breather.

The owner who came out after noticing that we had a few problems was very nice. She was courteous, and just took responsibility that there was a mix up with the orders, and happy to give it to us for free. We could have avoided this all if our waiter simply just said "Sorry for the mix up, I'll be happy to fix it up for you immediately", instead we got the blame game from him.

The dishes that came out tasted like the normal traditional Vietnamese food but presented more fancy. I don't remember exactly how much the bill was altogether but I remember everyone talking about how ridiculously expensive it was for such simple meals that we ordered. With how much we paid there we could have used that money and gone to eat a seafood banquet for just as much.

I often walk past there and it never seems to be packed, and they seem to be only targeting younger people around 20-25 at the moment as the elders seem uninterested or probably have heard/seen how expensive it is.

I honestly think that they should hire more Vietnamese speaking staff (since it is a Vietnamese community), lower their prices, turn on their air con, and review their menu as well.

I do hope that they do make a few changes to fit a more broader range of people. For such a different and unique restaurant I do hope it matures and it may even turn into the next Ms G's.

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